Monitoring and Data Acquisition

Tools and solutions protect your business, safeguard resiliency and improve efficiency.  Let WES customize a solution to meet your needs, advise on design options; then provide deployment, ongoing support, and training.

WES offers modular and flexible solutions that help you manage critical infrastructures, from limited rack-space through to a multi-site analysis of your enterprise operation. We work to understand your needs, operational expectations, data, and energy intelligence to provide analytics that helps mitigate risk. By identifying the most critical assets of your business to characterize vulnerability, a risk assessment helps determine possible consequences before they occur. 

A solution prioritizing risk reduction based on strategy, data analysis, energy intelligence, and analytics to mitigate potential chaos to business continuity will be proposed. WES monitors projects from inception to completion, utilizing integration and data acquisition experience for all build-outs and support systems.

WES determines client needs and risk tolerances, whereby devising a solution that provides data, energy intelligence, and analytics that help mitigate risk.



WES is an Eaton™ Foreseer® Authorized Reseller and Total Solution Integration Partner, supporting 1000’s of sites and over 1,000,000 data points at customer facilities.


  • Effective allocation of budgets and resources
  • Benchmark, monitor, measure and compare sites across your portfolio, whether geographical or regional
  • Real-time performance metrics and strategic information for quantitative results
  • Customized reporting and management dashboards for improved decision making
  • Data intelligence to make predictive measures
  • Alarming and data aggregation
  • Identify assets and determine those most critical; characterize and assess threats and vulnerability of critical assets
  • Determine risks and expected consequences on specific assets; identify ways to reduce risk; prioritize risk reduction measures based on a strategy

WES monitoring projects are supported from inception to completion, utilizing our experience in integration and the tools to build out and support systems going forward.


  • Integration services include device additions, driver development, customization, and advanced system modifications
  • Turn-key services include cabling, termination, connectivity of hardware to universal input enclosure, the system installs and sensor upgrades, complete project management
  • Support services include advanced user and system enhancement support training and technical support

Leveraging data, technology, energy intelligence and analytics enables strategic, tactical and operational decision making. WES utilizes comprehensive modeling tools and productive software platform for projects incorporating distributed generation components that simulate complex electrical power systems. These include photovoltaic (PV), wind, storage, and co-generation modeling systems.

Acquiring and transforming raw data into useful information that can provide meaningful benefits to business operations.
Energy analytics is the process of collecting electrical data and applying sophisticated analytical software and algorithms to deliver insights around consumption and time of use reductions. Save energy costs in industrial production, real-time energy consumption and production data combined with advanced analytic services.



WES is a Certified Integrator and Reseller of Power Analytics software and services, providing solutions and electrical system planning for energy intensive, mission-critical facilities and microgrids.


  • A truly predictive model to validate diagnostics, risks and real-time system changes
  • Multi-vendor hardware and software compatibility, ensuring seamless integration and communication
  • Entire electrical network capacity to avoid potential overload conditions
  • Situational awareness maintains both broad and deep expert knowledge of the entire infrastructure
  • Energy forecasting enables accurate tracking of energy usage and validation of utility billings
  • Virtual scenario environment for situational awareness of live operations prior to live deployment
  • Reliability-centered maintenance measures system deterioration and predicts component health issues
  • Power asset management provides real-time documentation on equipment changes/additions
  • Arc flash functionality calculates released energy in the electrical system to identify potential hazards
  • Intelligent alarm management to diagnose system health, focusing on underlying core problems

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) helps you understand issues affecting real-time server utilization. Moving beyond spreadsheets, it’s more than a tactical management tool. DCIM implementations provide deeper insight into how existing data centers operate. Leaving managed chaos behind to run tactically, it’s evident that information and application consolidation is prioritized. DCIM software manages the process of importing old documents into an asset database, whereby users have improved visibility into how the data center runs.

WES utilizes a 4 phase (or butterfly effect) approach leading up to every successful DCIM implementation:

  • Data gathering and manipulation
  • Mapping and visualization
  • Actionable intelligence
  • Automation and control

If you need a holistic view of your data center to better manage the facility and the IT assets within a single framework, look for a system that’s easy to use and modular to your needs.