Monitoring and Data Acquisition

WES provides comprehensive monitoring solutions for your business from a variety of different software tools that can monitor IT asset management to critical facility infrastructure with the capability of applying AI to achieve high efficiency, improved business operations.

 The Frick Environmental Center Monitoring System is a partnership between WES, Comcast, and Machine Q illustrating in real time sustainability in action.  The system was designed to integrate data from all energy systems and water conservation systems calculating carbon savings.  It is meant to serve as an educational tool for the public.

WES provides truly comprehensive monitoring and data acquisition service and solutions across multi-vendor platforms for data centers and other complex mission critical facilities. These tools provide true real time situational awareness and insight to provide operators with critical information to address system availability across the facility or facilities.  This approach integrates advanced energy analytics, asset management and facility monitoring tools with advanced analytics to increase visibility, improve overall efficiency, reduce costs and eliminate risk.

WES monitoring solutions provide a true “granular” view of an operation and collect full operational detailed history which allows the application of the latest analytical tools.  These integrated solutions give customers the ability to leverage predictive analytics and provide true forward-looking anomaly detection significantly reducing risk and increasing efficiency, continuity and resilience.


WES truly supports and manages all monitoring projects from design to inception to completion, including device additions, driver development, customization, and advanced system modifications.  WES support services can also include cabling, termination, connectivity of hardware, system enhancement, training and technical support. 

WES is an Eaton® Foreseer® Authorized Reseller and Total Solution Integration Partner, supporting 1000’s of sites and over 1,000,000 data points at customer facilities. 

Foreseer® is a premier facility monitoring tool that provides granular insight and communications for all critical facility devices.  The system provides true realtime operational awarness and detailed alarming while storing historical data thereby providing real time visibility into operations.


Few Key Benefits of a WES Foreseer® Implementation:


  • Alarming and data aggregation
  • Real-time performance metrics and strategic information for quantitative results
  • Multi-vendor hardware and software compatibility, supporting all major protocols.
  • Customized reporting and management dashboards for improved decision making
  • Data intelligence to make predictive measures
  • Benchmark, monitor, measure and compare sites across your portfolio
  • Identify ways to reduce risk; prioritize risk reduction measures based on a strategy 

WES is a Certified Integrator and Reseller of Sunbird® DC Track® software providing state of the art solutions for DCIM asset management and real-time asset tracking offering quick detailed asset search and detailed information on servers, networking and storage.

DC Track® helps operators understand issues affecting real-time server utilization.  DC Track® is a tactical management tool that provides deep insight into how a data center operates providing real time visibility into operations.

A Few Key Benefits of a WES DC Track Implementation

  • Improve uptime through smart monitoring of rack power and environment
  • Improve power utilization
  • Drive efficiency initiatives
  • Simplify daily operations
  • Understand end-to-end data center utilization and capacity 


Monitoring / EPMS Brief