Services Overview

WES has earned a reputation as a trusted owner advocate for mission critical operators, by leveraging the knowledge and experience of its team of seasoned professionals and a strong set of tools and techniques developed over 40 years in the mission critical space.

WES’ proprietary assessment processes provide clients with actionable information to not only solve complex operational issues, but also avoid risks while increasing operational efficiencies.

When indicated WES will objectively recommend unbiased solutions and work with vendors in overcoming problems.  WES will also provide vendor independent energy and equipment monitoring solutions based upon client’s needs ranging from a single facility to multi facility global operations.

WES Critical Facility Assessments provide necessary intelligence to deal with complex and dynamic issues in your facilities and direct support for the implementation of corrective actions and resources that address both existing issues and future planning needs while increasing energy efficiency, reducing risk and maintaining availability.

Basic Assessments Provide

  • Proactive baseline health check audits

  • Reactive forensic hardware failure analysis

  • Power space and cooling baseline planning assessments

  • Zinc Whisker identification

  • Contamination and corrosivity identification


  • Creep corrosion analysis

  • Federal Government DCOI

  • TIA-942 facility evaluation

  • Framework evaluation for multi-site comparisons

Risk Management Assessments Provide

  • Facility Resiliency

  • EMP Protection

  • Energy supply continuity

In-Depth Energy Audits Provide

  • Efficiency

  • Optimization

Data Intelligence and Monitoring Assessments Provide

  • Server utilization

  • Facility-wide monitoring

  • Power consumption analysis

  • Anomaly detection

The WES consulting team is ready to assist you with translating intelligent data regarding continuity and resiliency of your energy resources. Our team provides the essential link needed between physical infrastructure and high availability of critical IT and data processing activities. Our proven design advocacy program fills a critical gap in the traditional design/build process with experienced professionals to ensure proper project execution.

Critical facilities have unique and complex requirements to support business operations.  With a variety of project goals, the expertise of WES can help guide you from conception to completion, assuring high efficiency and best result.

Our teams guide customer decision making for cost-effective and scalable deployment options that are tailored to meet growth requirements.  We ensure your initiatives and goals are met in order to achieve expected outcome.

WES consults in the following areas:

  • Data centers, critical IT infrastructure and data processing facilities
  • Modular and pre-engineered facilities
  • EMP/GMD protected installations
  • Critical infrastructure monitoring and data aggregation
  • Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence on building data

Translating intelligent data on continuity and resiliency of energy resources is available to your business with the WES experts.  Our team provides an essential link needed between physical infrastructure and high availability of critical IT and data processing activities.

When considering software and facility integration, the framework detailing your operational expectations, performance goals, and production requirements is essential to your business’ continuity. Combining various software applications into a customized, aggregated, high-level intelligent view of your business requires a systematic approach and industry expertise. In a similar manner, new facility infrastructure technologies can be combined and adapted to your business requirements leading to improved operating costs and enhanced resiliency.

Integrating best of breed technologies into a single solution platform, a partnership with the experts at WES means you benefit from:


  • The elimination of painful design processes and delay in delivery
  • On-demand delivery of facility capabilities
  • The close match of facility capital against the need
  • Avoidance of stranded assets while future-proofing adaptability
  • Enhancement of availability while reducing operating costs

Facility Integration

Facility challenges are often driven by complicated schedules and capital constraints. Finding the unique combination of technologies, arrangements, and approach to meet your needs is paramount to success. Working with proven partners and a suite of solutions, we’ve developed a customized approach that address your challenges. A successful solution from WES delivers on primary issues like energy consumption in a manner that reduces costs or deployment time while simultaneously increasing resiliency.