Permanent Modular Data Center Construction

Consider the benefits of pre-engineered deployment vs field fabricated construction for your permanent modular data center. WES can make recommendations and offer solutions on scalable, permanent modular facilities. Our team works with manufacturers and industry experts to provide options that meet rapid deployment deadlines or operational cost expectations.

Changing architecture in NextGen data centers creates a new class of modular deployment options supporting higher density load and rapid release of pre-configured rack arrangements. Pre-engineered and off-site fabricated hybrid facilities can easily combine with existing structures and design-build integration.

There are multiple advantages to deploying your next facility utilizing modular and pre-engineered solutions designed to your specifications and requirements. creating a complete customized package delivered directly to the project site offers benefits that include:


  • Cost-effective, leading-edge solutions with scalable deployment to small, medium and large operations
  • Decreased time and money spent in plan and design phase
  • Purchase order to operation in as little as 6 months
  • Reduced energy consumption and costs
  • Reduced maintenance hours and costs
  • Fully automated lights out operation
  • Remote operation and diagnostic capability



  • Consult on adapting your specifications and standards to pre-manufactured equipment
  • Manage the design/construction phase, ensuring successful implementation
  • Evaluate life-cycle costs and ROI
  • Develop an energy model, consult on renewables
  • Advise on low/medium/high rack kW densities with IT distributed freely avoiding hot spots or overcooling
  • Advise on NextGen electrical topologies
  • Recommend solution for lights out/remote operations, telemetry, analysis, and intelligence

WES is an approved partner representing modular data center systems with deployment options. 

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