Cable / Broadband

Over WES’ history working with Cable and Telecommunications Operators, our seasoned professionals have worked with, advised, and assisted clients in delivering quality continuous, efficient, and reliable broadband and telecommunications services to their customers.

Our technical staff has developed and maintained a deep understanding of the specific performance characteristics across facilities required to guarantee operational efficiency and resiliency.  As a result, our cable and broadband clients depend upon our staff to provide accurate operational assessments and objective vendor independent recommendations.  This comittment to the industry’s specific needs and challenges continues with our devoted engagement and participation with the SCTE (Society of Cable and Telecommunications Engineers) and its standards committees.

WES Data Center Assessments

We continue to respond to the expanding needs of the industry, not only by providing energy and environmental assessment and consulting services, but also by offering integrated monitoring and diagnostic solutions from our partners.

Monitoring and Analytics

Whether you operate a single facility or hundreds of locations across regions utilizing multiple devices from different vendors, we can work with you to provide monitoring solutions that will give insight across your entire enterprise. When requested we can also provide analytical solutions that have been developed, optimized, and leverage advanced technologies that can provide a true real-time minute-by-minute view of all devices within a facility providing a true “granular” view of an operation with a full operational detailed history which allows the application of the latest analytical tools

Permanent Modular Facilities 

In today’s ever changing and dynamic business environment, CIOs are often presented with decisions around data center facility expansion.  WES can also assist in consultation, design, and procurement of modern high efficiency permanent modular facilities as a fast and economical way to address this problem.  Unlike container based modular data centers, permanent modular facilities are designed to requirements with greater ease of maintenance and higher energy efficiency.