With increasing pressure to reduce costs and mitigate risks, the operational challenges facing managers of multi-building Corporate Campuses can be daunting. 

Reducing carbon emissions (saving energy), assuring security, and supporting new technologies required to maintain both relevance and operational resilience continue to increase along with growing business requirements.  More importantly, operational susceptibilities in a commercial or corporate facility can significantly compromise business integrity.  Over time WES has successfully worked with operators of mission critical facilities such as data centers and telecommunications providers to increase efficiencies, maintain continuous operations and increase operational resilience.  Today, WES services and solutions also apply to operational challenges in corporate campuses. 

Energy Assessments

Our engagements begin with a thorough assessment of a customer’s IT Assets (including the facility itself) and their monitoring and analytical resources.  WES Assessments go far beyond typical audits and provide a clear and objective in-depth look into the total operation that result in the delivery of a comprehensive report and executive presentation of our findings as well as any recommendations.

Campus and Facility Monitoring 

When requested, we can also provide monitoring and analytical solutions that have been developed, optimized, and leverage advanced technologies that can provide a true real-time minute-by-minute view of all devices within a facility providing a true “granular” view of an operation.

Advanced Analytics  

When needed WES can make available more sophisticated monitoring and analytical tools, including foresite™, to truly give campus operators the ability to leverage predictive analytics and mitigate issues before they become problems.  These solutions go beyond typical BMS systems to provide in-depth views of a facility’s energy infrastructure.

Permanent Modular Facilities 

In today’s ever changing and dynamic business environment, CIOs are often presented with decisions around data center facility expansion.  WES can also assist in consultation, design, and procurement of modern high efficiency permanent modular facilities as a fast and economical way to address this problem.  Unlike container based modular data centers, permanent modular facilities are designed to requirements with greater ease of maintenance and higher energy efficiency.