Hospital / Healthcare

The need for uninterruptable, high quality power in hospitals and healthcare facilities has been expanding beyond operating rooms and emergency lighting.  

Patient rooms and other areas that have become “mission critical”. Computers, monitors, X-Ray, CT Scanners, MRI machines, specialized ventilation systems, and numerous other devices and systems have become pervasive, and each one requires appropriate electrical power, and in most cases connection to a central data or communications center. Supporting this evolution, many forward-looking healthcare facilities are enhancing their power resources, increasing emergency power generation capacity, and expanding their IT resources, however the threat of extended term outages and disruptions to the energy supply chain are encouraging new approaches to the challenge.

WES Faclitiy / Data Center Assessment

With over 40 years of providing clients with products and services designed to mitigate risks to mission critical operations due to loss or disruption of critical energy assets, WES’ seasoned professionals have assessed the energy infrastructures in thousands of data centers, communications and healthcare facilities assisting operators to better understand and mitigate risk.  These in-depth, objective assessments go beyond typical “energy audits” to include actual operational and procedural reviews followed by a formal and complete report and presentation of findings and recommendations.  When solutions are required, WES can work with your in-house staff or if needed, WES can assist in securing any additional expertise through WES’s extensive partner network.

Facility and Campus Monitoring and Analytics

In situations where a client has the need for in-depth real time monitoring to more fully mitigate risks, WES’ extensive experience in integrating and deploying specialized monitoring systems that can provide additional “peace of mind” assurance and enhance a facilities resilience.