Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence


Learning potential is unlocked when you bring machine intelligence, data, processes, and people together into an AI platform. Performing a wide range of advanced techniques such as data mining, machine learning, forecasting and pattern matching, the AI is trained to process and understand natural language in order to become self-learning.


WES is in a partnership with Zencos utilizing SAS systems to provide a revolutionary approach linking facility data with advanced analytics and AI. 

Taking a unique approach that yields unprecedented insight into your facility and operations is just on the horizon.  Working as the premier provider of integrated software tools and techniques leveraging advances in sensing, analytics, IoT and IT systems, to provide their clients with a real-time view and control of facility systems.

SAS is considered the gold standard in providing proven analytical software to its international clients in the public and private sectors across all industries. ZENCOS is an acknowledged expert in the application of SAS software tools and the ZENCOS team has been developing advanced applications leveraging SAS software tools for over two decades. WES is the premiere integrator with experience in over 15k different individual infrastructure components into a common data set.  Coupling data collection, advanced analytic tools and application expertise that will open new opportunities for your organization.

  • Event stream processing and management
  • Visual analytics and statistics
  • Visual data mining, machine learning and forecasting