Anomaly Detection and Analysis Systems

Data + Knowledge = Wisdom – The Application of Predictive Analytics and AI

fore·site™ is a revolutionary and unique approach to linking historical facility data and advanced analytics to provide operators of data centers and mission critical facilities with unprecedented insight into their facilities and operations. By integrating WES APIs with Foreseer’s ability to normalize and store real time device, equipment, environmental and storage data over time, foresite reduces risk by proactively predicting points of failure while increasing overall energy efficiency.

Simply stated, WES’ foresite™ solution brings together the globally recognized power of SAS® Analytics and Zencos™ ability to turn analytics into actionable knowledge, WES can now provide clients with the ability to “look back to look forward” and provide truly predictive analytical tools.

Given the power of WES’ real-time energy monitoring and data acquisition systems and the granularity and volume of the WES data collection tool set it made sense to apply state-of-the-art data analytics tools to “look back to look forward” and provide predictive analytical tools.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Capacity Planning
  • Energy Projections
  • Predictive Failure Analysis
  • End of Life Decisions
  • CO2 Reduction


WES is in a partnership with Zencos utilizing SAS systems to provide a revolutionary approach linking facility data with advanced analytics and AI. 

Foresite Solution Brief 

fore·site integrates technology platforms to provide accurate, actionable forecasting and predictive analysis for mission critical operations.

SAS Institute® is considered the gold standard in providing proven analytical software to its international clients in the public and private sectors across all industries.

ZENCOS™ is an acknowledged expert in the application of SAS and other analytical software tools that has been developing advanced applications leveraging SAS software tools for over two (2) decades.

WES is a premier provider of integrated software tools, techniques and services leveraging advances in sensing, analytics, IoT and IT systems, to provide their clients with a real-time view and control of facility systems.