Manufacturing / Industrial 

Manufacturing and Industrial facilities have never been more complex.  As automated systems continue to proliferate, advanced manufacturing and distribution facilities continue to increase dependency on computer and telecommunications systems to operate efficiently.  These dependencies have led to the need for efficient and reliable energy to support critical to operations.  From the factory floor, to ancillary support systems, and data collection and control systems, loss of quality power results in loss of production.  Adding to these concerns is the growing frequency and duration of unforeseen power interruptions and the increasing application of demand charges levied by utilities on commercial customers

WES Data Center and Critical Facility Assessments

WES has consistently assisted clients in dealing with complex issues related to energy efficiency, continuity, and resilience by offering services and solutions designed to mitigate the risks associated with loss of, or inefficient power to their facilities and data centers.  Our offerings range from services such as in-depth objective energy and data center assessments.  WES Assessments go far beyond typical audits and provide a clear and objective in-depth look into the total operation that result in the delivery of a comprehensive report and executive presentation of our findings as well as any recommendations.

Monitoring and Analytics

When requested we can also provide monitoring and analytical solutions that have been developed, optimized, and leverage advanced technologies that can provide a true real-time minute-by-minute view of all devices within a facility providing a true “granular” view of an operation with a full operational detailed history which allows the application of the latest analytical tools.


Our team of seasoned professionals have also assisted clients by providing objective and non-biased advisement when integrating renewables or considering leveraging newer technologies such as microgrids, which typically include hybrid systems requiring true expertise to integrate multi-vendor, multimodality systems for operational stability.