Solutions Overview

WES solutions are built around 40+ years of experience in the critical infrastructure environment. Our continual involvement in establishing the practices and standards of the industry provides the foundation for us to examine new technologies and software solutions.  We’ll work with you to create a comprehensive roadmap that delivers a solution customized to your needs.

Solutions available with WES include:

  • Assessments and audits
  • Critical infrastructure monitoring and event management
  • Data advanced analytics and intelligence
  • EMP/GMD protected infrastructure
  • Microgrid solutions and implementations
  • Energy profile studies and systems
  • Advanced energy management
  • IoT deployment and intelligence
  • Pre-engineered or modular facility design, build and implementation
  • Real time server utilization
  • Risk management
  • IT asset inventory and management

Real-time, strategic information is critical to the success of your organization. You need tools that protect the business, safeguard resiliency and improve efficiency.  Let WES customize a solution to meet your needs, advise on design and deployment options, training, lifecycle operations and maintenance.

Our expertise and ability to augment direct access to multiple resources helps you implement best practices for successful deployments. Technological change happens, and with continued monitoring of industry standards and guidelines, WES partners with manufacturers and providers that support each project the way you want it.