Company Overview

 What makes WES unique is our innate desire to find viable solutions rather than just solving problems. As your needs for energy continuity and resiliency evolved, so too have our services, solutions, and partnerships grown far beyond the original environmental and data center-focused facility.



WE ARE A SPECIALTY SOLUTION SERVICE PROVIDER for a broad range of environmental assessment, design, maintenance, support, training, certification, remediation and construction services. We work with thousands of data centers and critical facilities around the globe, having performed numerous engagements between leading computer hardware manufacturers and support organizations.


PRACTICING VENDOR NEUTRALITY, we provide unbiased solutions by practicing vendor neutrality. We protect the vendor’s best interest while adapting solutions to specific national and cultural requirements.


WE ARE AN INDUSTRY LEADER, influential in the development and dissemination of best practices. We provide environmental awareness training, ongoing support, remote consulting, writing and influencing site planning specifications utilized by manufacturers.


OUR UNIQUE KNOWLEDGE BASE enables us to maintain a unique knowledge-base and long-term relationships with manufacturers, support providers, and industry groups. We provide unique insight and perspective into hardware evolution.


Spanning thousands of sites and services, WES is a total solutions provider.

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