Data Center Construction Monitoring

Periodically, every mission critical facility will require some form of construction activity either through upgrades or expansion.  WES provides comprehensive monitoring solutions for your business that can monitor your facility during construction, expansion and other disruptive activities.

Upfits, commissioning and de-commissioning are inevitable.  In all cases facility managers need to plan such projects carefully to avoid operational disruptions and other issues. Questions like: Who will have access to the site, what equipment will be required during construction, how will the facility manage during the construction phase?  Which individuals will ensure that computer operations will not be affected, disrupted, and guarantee uptime ?  Equipment disruption and damage from hidden construction fall out can be avoided.

WES Construction Monitoring (temporary or permanent) gives you remote eyes and added protection on your project 24 hours a day.  WES  utilizes a remote monitoring package that trends and evaluates key indicators, providing  a thorough picture of conditions, critical data, and alarms to get the right information to the right people.

Some of the issues that require consideration during construction or expansion of a facility include:


  • The increased presence of airborne contaminants that could impact equipment sensitive to particulates or chemical vapors.
  • Unforeseen differentials in air pressure resulting in inappropriate conditions in the Data Center
  • Contractor unfamiliarity with facility procedures, including security, access control, and access to proprietary information.
  • Disruptions due to construction equipment load on existing resources and other asymmetric factors.
  • Quick response to disaster conditions impact a controlled space.
  • Protection to contractors looking to document work quality and appropriate conditions.

A comprehensive remote monitoring solution based on a robust facility monitoring engine, WES makes no compromises in quality or capabilities.  It is a true critical facility monitoring package that can be quickly deployed and still stands up to long-term use.

A flexible and scalable solution, pre-engineered monitoring nodes are placed on site.  Housed in rugged, stand-alone kit boxes or rack-mountable units, each node includes customizable sensor modules that can be adapted to project requirements.


  • Airborne particulate concentrations
  • Temperature, Relative humidity & dew-point
  • Pressure differential
  • Environmental Corrosivity
  • Door contacts
  • Power interruption
  • Cameras

Since our founding over 40 years ago, has provided mission critical facility and data center operators with peace of mind and the assurance that their construction project will go smoothly and avoid disruptions caused by such unforeseen risks.

If you anticipate managing a construction project that might benefit from WES Construction Monitoring, we would be happy to discuss how it works.  It is a proven, easy, and inexpensive way to assure your next project goes smoothly and your assets are protected.



Construction Monitoring Brief