Our Commitment

Our mission is to always provide valued clients with fact based, objective information to enhance the efficiency, performance, reliability, and resilience of data centers and other mission critical facilities.

Since our founding in 1980 we have remained focused and dedicated to caring for our clients and our professional team of technicians and engineers, recognizing that without both, our business could not and would not have successfully and continually grown for over 40 years.

Initially, WES’ business was focused on environmental forensics, where clients were primarily large information technology companies.  As technology has evolved, our company has adapted.  WES now offers services and solutions that have expanded through acquisitions, partnerships, and the evolving demands of the industries we serve.

Today, our clients depend on us to keep their mission critical facilities running at optimum performance by navigating the complex issues that face owners and operators of high value 21st century data center and telecommunication facilities.

We believe that our success is based on the knowledge, experience and attention to detail of the seasoned professionals that make up our team, and the continued trust of our clients who over time have come to depend upon an honest, objective and unbiased approach.

Over time and having experienced over 6,000 engagements around the world, we’ve also developed solid relationships with an array of partners that have developed products and solutions that meet the needs of our clients, and have been able to integrate those solutions to increase the efficiency, continuity and resilience of our client’s systems while mitigating risks.

Our Promise:

  • Provide Honesty and Transparency to our Clients, Employees, and Partners
  • Maintain non-biased objectivity
  • Remain Competent, Consistent, Credible, and Compassionate