Data Centers

For over four decades our dedicated team of seasoned professionals have assisted data center operators in achieving high levels of efficiency, continuity and resiliency.

With over 6,000 engagements over time we realize that data center operations require a holistic and thoughtful approach that goes beyond the securitization of data.  WES’ in-depth assessments include the review of the critical supporting infrastructure from not only a resiliency and redundancy standpoint, but also a comprehensive review of in-room conditions, best practices, and hardware requirements.  These in-depth assessments incorporate key information to understand existing facility requirements and capabilities as well as recommendations for upgrades. This is critical to ongoing operations and understanding the impact of potential upgrades as business continuity demands pressure existing infrastructure capabilities.

WES Data Center Assessments

Our engagements begin with a thorough assessment of a customer’s IT Assets (including the facility itself) and their monitoring and analytical resources.  WES Assessments go far beyond typical audits and provide a clear and objective in-depth look into the total operation that result in the delivery of a comprehensive report and executive presentation of our findings as well as any recommendations.

Monitoring and Analytics

When requested we can also provide monitoring and analytical solutions that have been developed, optimized, and leverage advanced technologies that can provide a true real-time minute-by-minute view of all devices within a facility providing a true “granular” view of an operation with a full operational detailed history which allows the application of the latest analytical tools

Permanent Modular Facilities 

In today’s ever changing and dynamic business environment, CIOs are often presented with decisions around data center facility expansion.  WES can also assist in consultation, design, and procurement of modern high efficiency permanent modular facilities as a fast and economical way to address this problem.  Unlike container based modular data centers, permanent modular facilities are designed to requirements with greater ease of maintenance and higher energy efficiency.