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Assessment & Inspection

Comprehensive evaluations providing real intelligence to guide effective solutions.

Critical Facility Assessment

The Critical Facility Assessment is a comprehensive environmental evaluation designed specifically for critical computer facilities, concentrating on factors that affect infrastructure efficiency and system availability. This service focuses both on actual room conditions at the time of the assessment as well as the ability of the facility to provide stable and appropriate conditions that consistently meet the specific requirements of the hardware. It provides both a useful baseline of conditions, as well as identification of actual problems and potential susceptibilities that could impact hardware.

The assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of power, space & cooling in the critical space. The evaluation identifies existing conditions and risks and provides findings and recommendations for energy utilization, availability and operational considerations.  It includes a detailed site inspection, comprehensive report and presentation of findings.

Federal Data Center DCOI Survey

The Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) Survey for Federal Data Centers starts with an open discussion to help you determine the direction you wish your system to proceed along with what your budget expectations may be. This helps us frame a start point of the discussion and help educate on the available options and benefits. Systems are scalable and can be developed and implemented with your internal resources or fully deployed with turnkey professional services.
After some discussion with all of the appropriate stakeholders to define the framework and system approach, we will walk your facility with you and identify any existing components that can be used in their current state, enhanced, or define additions that are required.

Overall the goal is to provide a deployment roadmap and budget that outlines the interface and connection of your facility to the sensing and data acquisition network. This can be a fairly simple process but the end result maps a clear path forward with a defined scope and budget.


Environmental Management Program – EMP

Keeping up with the changes in technology and industry standards is a challenge. The EMP is a program of periodic site assessments and remote technical support designed to provide practical assistance with issues that arise in a complex and dynamic facility. It provides direct assistance for implementation of corrective actions and an ongoing resource to address both existing issues and future planning needs to optimize energy usage in the data center while maintaining needed availability.

Site visits include documented measurement and trending of environmental conditions, evaluation of support infrastructure, sensor calibration checks, air distribution optimization and training of site or contractor personnel. Remote technical support is provided for the duration of the project, and may include assistance with issues such as cabinet selection, future planning and layout, hardware requirements or installation guidelines, contaminant concerns, coordination with vendors, or other factors related to facility improvement or maintenance. Program options varying in contract duration or number of visits per year are available.

Hardware Contaminant Identification – HCI

The HCI is designed as a baseline inspection of conditions at a site where there is knowledge or suspicion of contaminant deposits within hardware cabinets. This inspection will provide useful information regarding the nature and degree of the contamination, as well as its migration to critical points where it can affect availability. It will help highlight areas in need of further investigation or remediation and will identify specific actions that may be necessary.

In cases of positive identification, remediation can be provided.

Zinc Whisker identification – ZWI

Metallic contaminants pose a serious and direct threat to hardware operations. This service examines strategically chosen points within the subject environment to determine the presence of metallic whisker contamination. It focuses on both the identification of the source (such as access floor tile surfaces), as well as it’s migration to critical points. The contaminant identification focuses not only on elemental composition, but also on characteristic morphology. This service will also help determine what remediation activities may be necessary.

In cases of positive identification, remediation can be provided.

Other Assessment Services

WES offers other standard and customized services including; Laboratory Analysis, Long-term Temperature & Relative Humidity or Power Quality Monitoring, Power Quality Assessments and other electrical infrastructure and power-related analysis and evaluation services.