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Energy Intelligence & Analytics

Utilizing Paladin by Power Analytics for Energy Intelligence & Analytics

Paladin is the most comprehensive and productive software platform for modeling and simulating complex electrical power systems. Includes comprehensive modeling tools for projects incorporating distributed generation components like photovoltaic (PV), wind, storage and co-generation, etc.

Benefits of Paladin Suite

  1. Truly Predictive Model Validated Diagnostics risks and real-time system changes.
  2. Multi-Vendor Hardware and Software Compatibility recognizes data from virtually any source, ensuring seamless integration and communication.
  3. Entire Electrical Network Capacity: Potential overload conditions.
  4. Situational Awareness maintains both broad and deep expert knowledge of entire infrastructure.
  5. Energy Forecasting enables accurate tracking of energy usage and validation of utility billings.
  6. Paladin’s Virtual Scenarios Environment maintains situational awareness of live operations to allow for testing of “what if” simulations, prior to the live deployment of service or system changes.
  7. Reliability Centered Maintenance measures system deterioration and predict component health to ensure that maintenance occurs only if it is truly necessary.
  8. Power Asset Management provides up-to-date documentation on your entire facility by incorporating all equipment changes/additions while laying the foundation for system-level knowledge.
  9. Arc Flash Capabilities calculate the amount of energy released at various points in the electrical system to identify potential hazards.
  10. Intelligent Alarm Management diagnoses overall system health and focuses on underlying core problems, eliminating cascading and nuisance alarms.