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Critical Infrastructure Risk Management

Critical Infrastructure Management with Foreseer

Foreseer provides site-level and enterprise facility data to improve availability and increase efficiency. Including but not limited to:

  • Real measurement for effective implementation
  • Allocate budget and resources effectively
  • Benchmark, monitor and measure
  • Compare sites across organization
  • Real-time strategic info for quantitative results
  • Real-time performance metrics such
  • Customized reporting & management dashboards

WES Monitoring Project Experience


  • Device Additions to Existing Sites or Servers
  • Driver Development & Customization
  • Advanced System Modifications


  • Cabling & Termination
  • Connectivity Hardware – Universal Input Enclosure (UIE), MOXA, etc.
  • System Installs & Upgrades – Sensors, comm cards, power meters, etc.
  • Complete Project Management


  • Warranty & Eaton Customer Care
  • Advanced User & System Enhancement Support
  • Training & Technical Support