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About Us

Worldwide Environmental Services

For over 35 years, WES has worked directly with the computer hardware manufacturers and service organizations to assess and correct environmental factors that affect the availability of mission critical computer hardware. With a broad range of services and an unmatched network of industry relationships, WES has influenced the design and support of both hardware and facilities as a total solution provider.

Total Solution Provider

By providing a broad range of environmental assessment, design, maintenance, support, training, certification, remediation and construction services, WES provides solutions for all high availability computer facility needs.

Multi-Vendor Experience

WES has performed engagements for many of the leading computer hardware manufacturers and support organizations.

Vendor Neutrality

As an independent service provider, WES provides unbiased solutions that protect the best interests of our clients.

International Experience

WES has performed over 5000 engagements at customer facilities in over 40 countries. This diverse international experience allows WES to adapt our solutions to the specific national and cultural requirements of an engagement.

Industry Leaders

WES is influential in the development and dissemination of industry best practices. WES has provided environmental awareness training to hundreds of field engineers, account managers and customers worldwide, and has written or influenced many of the site planning specifications used by hardware manufacturers. WES also provides ongoing support and remote consulting for manufacturers and end users.

Unique Knowledge Base

Long-term relationships with hardware manufacturers, support providers, and industry groups provide WES with a unique insight and perspective in the evolution of the hardware. With experience and a knowledge-base that spans thousands of sites worldwide and a broad range of services, WES provides total solutions for any high availability need.

With a combination of unique experience and industry relationships, WES provides an unparalleled service offering that can benefit any customer.